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Our lil bit of crazy X2!

So we (my awesome husband and myself) thought about getting goats to help clear some woods on our small piece of heaven here on earth back in 2014. As usual, I jumped all in and began reading, researching and visiting farms to find out all I could about goats and goat farming. Long story short we fell in love with the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat and a year later we got our first 3 goats! I had in the back of my mind how cool it would be to make soap and cheese and anything else with goat’s milk! So fast forward to 2016 and we were able to breed our sweet Tootsie with a fabulous buck from my wonderful mentor’s farm and we had triplet does in September of 2016. GOAT MILK has arrived!!!!

I had been talking with my friend Kim about this crazy adventure. The first lil bit of crazy for us was the start of goat farming… now the 2nd lil bit of crazy began! Kim is a missionary with an organization I have volunteered with for the past few years, and she truly has a heart for missions and helping the people of Uganda through Helping Hands Foreign Missions.

The women in Uganda in the area where Helping Hands is located have very few skills to help provide for their families and multiple family members. After several conversations with Kim, we came up with this 2nd crazy idea (for me) to make goat milk soap and other body products. She can take the knowledge she has gained to teach the local women of Uganda a skill to improve their lives, and we can help her with the proceeds from our 2nd lil bit of crazy we named Embuzi Soap Company! Life is a ride for all of us. Jump on, enjoy it, and find a way to help others!!!

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