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Embuzi Soap Introduced to Family and Friends!

We had a great open house in February inviting our close friends to come check out the products! I was so worried we didn’t have enough inventory as we had been making soap in small batches for over 2 months….   We set up the product, prepared some snacks and prayed someone would show up……

SO MUCH FUN! Our visitors came to see the goods!  Some even visited the goats and babies on their way in, AND we got to tell our story… over and over and over!  In the end, Kim and I were wiped out but excited to see our friends share in the excitement we have had for the last few months in preparation for this adventure.  We were able to share our knowledge of the goats, the soapmaking and the mission work Kim does with Helping Hands Foreign Missions. So our first open house was a great success and now to tackle more soapmaking and developing more products to add to our line!  A HUGE THANK YOU to all our friends who were able to come play in our soap world and spend time with us!

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