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MR Goatfeathers Farm

In 2015 we started this adventure with Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. My husband and I considered different breeds and decided on the Nigerian Dwarf goat.  We thought we just wanted a few as pets and land clearing, but I jumped in with both feet!  I attended a dairy goat show before we purchased our first goats and was so excited to learn about showing and educating myself on the dairy goat.  We bought 3 sweet girls (1 registered and 2 pets), and it has been a continuous learning experience and a fun ride as well!


MR Goatfeathers is an ADGA registered herd and participate in DHIR and LA. DHIR is Dairy Herd Improvement Registry which means we milk test our does in milk.  This tests the butterfat, protein and production as well as checking Somatic Cell Count (which helps understand potential sickness). LA is Linear Appraisal wherein the goat is compared to the breed standard and scored on a multitude of points.  We chose to go into dairy goats with the purpose of improving our goats with each generation we breed.  Our goal is to offer a quality miniature dairy goat for the home milker and offer a conformation correct goat for the showman.  We do offer goats as pets as well for those who wish to improve their quality of life with farm animals!


Farm Candids


Senior Does

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