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How We Make Our Soap

We use only fresh goat’s milk provided by our sweet mama’s (senior does) on the farm.  Our goat milk soaps contain a whopping 38% of raw goat’s milk for every batch we make. The remaining ingredients are pure, natural saponified coconut, palm, castor, and olive oils. We also add our unique blends of herbs and essential oils to create our favorite scents and use fragrance oils as well for some awesome scents.

Small batches of soap are created using a “cold process” technique allowing the goat milk soap to cure for 6 weeks before being used. Our soaps are hand-mixed, poured and cut so each soap may vary slightly in color.  We also weigh our goat milk soaps after the curing process to ensure each bar weighs at 4 oz. when sold.

All our products are researched, designed, measured, poured, cut and cured on the farm in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Goat Milk Soap Bars

From Pail to Palm

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Minimum Shipping Order $10

From Pail to Palm.... 

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