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Rainy Sunday Soap Lab Day!

So we’ve loved our Fall and Holiday season this past year!! Been pretty quiet around here as we are testing salt scrubs, liquid foaming soap and cream soap recipes!  Tried a liquid soap recipe that was a meticulous recipe and extremely time consuming. But… it worked!!! So now on to developing our own recipe to use.  Cold, rainy day so might as well hang out in the soap lab here at the farm and play with some new products!  While cooking the soap base for the liquid soap, thought I might make another batch of the cream soap.  The great thing about this cream soap recipe is that we can re-batch soaps and soap scraps into a completely different product!  Any of our close proximity customers who want to be a tester for us please shoot an email or message on Facebook!!  While hanging out waiting for the oils to cool and then follow through with the cook process I may actually get some work done on our sister site MRGoatfeathers.  We have 3 pregos birthing babies mid March so we are looking forward to some excitement on the farm this spring!  Boy have I got some work to do to get all this wonderful social media figured out! Don’t forget to follow us on FB and IG for up to date info on Embuzi Soap Company!

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