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Foaming Goat Milk Soap!! Yay!

Yay! That’s my word for this project we have been working on for about 2 months!! Testing, retesting, retesting…… Before we roll out a new product, we have used it and many other versions on ourselves, as well as family and friends.  Always looking for honest answers on how the product works and feels.  One specific product I wanted to learn to make from the beginning was liquid goat milk soap.  Well, liquid soap is a whole different animal than cold process soap, so patience and education have been with me for over a year!  Liquid soap didn’t turn out how I wanted it to work, as we try our best not to have a lot of additives in our products that are not the necessary ingredients.  Our liquid soap was runny and didn’t have that nice gel feel of the store bought liquid soaps.

We weren’t satisfied. Back to the drawing board…..:-))))) SO! What did we discover? Diluting our soap was a perfect solution for a foaming pump! Less soap is used, generous creamy foam and once rinsed your hands have a nice finish that doesn’t feel drying! We finally got it right for us! Now we want you to enjoy this new product as well! I have one in my guest bath, by the kitchen sink and in each bathroom of our house!  We have 4 scents currently available:

  1. Citrus – lemon and lime essential oils make this perfect for the kitchen

  2. Fresh Linen- that clean cotton linen smell I love the the guest batch

  3. Rain- our basic soap scent from our bar soap line that smells like your traditional soap, clean and fresh!

  4. Groovy- a retro blend of lemongrass and lime with undertones of patchouli essential oils, you start with the clean smell of the lemongrass and lime with a slight lingering of patchouli on the hand.

Our foaming pump bottles hold 7 ounces and are $7.50 each.  Try one today!

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