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2020 Giving!

I haven’t posted in a while…  this year has been an interesting one! When Covid 19 hit we were in our kidding season on the farm so needless to say… everyone came home to work and I was running around birthing babies, getting mama does trained on the milk stand and doing life!

All festivals were cancelled for the spring and summer and even a few were cancelled for this past fall. But we were able to do 2 great shows in October!  We are so very appreciative of all our customers who are shopping at our retail locations and online.  We continue to grow and that means we are able to give more to missions!

So far for 2020… because I am behind and haven’t finished paperwork for December…. We have donated to the following!

Individual Mission Trips $1000

Kim and I THANK YOU for your continued support of our small business! We love creating and using the products and we are thankful to each of you!  Remember this thing we call Life… it is a ride…jump on, enjoy, and FIND a way to Help Others!

May 2021 bring you joy, peace and suds!!!

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